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[삼성엔지니어링] Sr. Accountant 모집 (휴스턴 근무)
2022-06-08 21:05

삼성엔지니어링 미국법인 본사에서 뛰어난 역량과 경험을 갖춘 Senior Accountant를 모집합니다 

JOB TITLE:  Sr. Accountant

GLOBAL JOB TITLE:  Assistant Manager / Manager

LABOR GRADE:  S4-I / S4-II / S5-I / Non-Exempt

DEPARTMENT:  Accounting & Finance

REPORTS TO: Sr. Accounting/Finance Manager

LOCATION:  Houston, TX

지원방법 : 으로 이메일 송부

* The applicant must be authorized to work in the US

SUMMARY:  This is a full time position that provides the accounting support for Samsung Engineering America. This position will compute, classify, record, and verify numerical data for use in maintaining accounting records by performing the duties listed below.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned to meet business needs.

● Review subcontract terms and limits to ensure prompt payment of invoices upon payment by client.

● On a regular basis, ensure that project reports are reviewedand checked for data quality. Work directly and promptly with Project Management team to correct any inaccuracies.

● Provide finance field training and support as needed.

● Coordinate billing for outside service providers and responsible for monitoring collections of accounts receivable

● Analyze total corporate expenses, including comparisons to forecasted results and trended results.

● Participates in the preparation, evaluation, justification, and maintenance of budgets and budgetary controls.

● Enforce the submission of necessary information from project managers, highlight projects with opportunities for improvement and assist in the budget correction process.

● Complete the revenue, billing and contract data setup and modifications for the contract in the accounting system in a timely and accurate manner.

● Review and approve all supplier invoices related to a project process properly through SAP 

● Review account totals related to project assets and expenses

● Initiate the transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts

● Close out project accounts upon project completion

● Analyzing monthly performance and advising new product information in financial institution.

● Provide accurate and timely accounting and reporting to support corporate financing activities related to Cash, Investments, External Borrowings, Liquidity, and Interest Rate Swap.

● System implementation projects with SAP or other finance systems.

● Property, sales and use tax and franchise tax returns

● Prepare variance analysis reports detailing monthly operational expenses by cost center.

● Month-end, quarter-end and year-end closing

● Prepares a variety of detailed accounting, statistical, and narrative financial statements or reports requiring analysis and interpretation; and works with the Auditor-Controller and with all kinds of data.

● Assist Accounting Manager/Controller in establishing standard operating procedures including the development and maintenance of a system of internal controls

● Balance sheet accounts reconciliations

● Create and maintain cash flow analysis, balance sheets, and income statements.

● Recommends and assists in the implementation of new or revised accounting systems, procedures, and records


Qualifications and skills required:

Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance

Familiarity with accounting/bookkeeping software (Quickbooks, SAP)

4 ~ 10 years accounting experience is required

Strong Excel and database skills, Access experience preferred

Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Strong organizational skills

Team player and have ability to work independently

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Korean language skills a plus.

Effective time management skills.





9/80 work schedule Monday through Friday. Off every other Friday, work 8 hours on the other Friday. Flexible work hours beginning between 7:00 am and 8:30 am and ending between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm every Monday through Thursday (9 hour work days). One hour lunch break.

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